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Frank Cipolla is a radio and TV news broadcaster, author & businessman. He spent 38-years as a radio and TV news reporter and anchor in and around NYC before launching his own guest placement and media coaching company Contacts Media.


Frank has done news on the 'Imus in the Morning,' Howard Stern and Soupy Sales radio shows. He also worked as a reporter & anchor at News 12 New Jersey, UPN 9 News in NYC, and is the author of ‘It Shocked Even Us: And More Crazy Stories Covering Local News' available here.

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Frank’s journey from a tiny radio station in the northwest corner of New Jersey, to being part of the golden days of ‘shock jock radio’, and later big time New York City TV news, is laugh out loud funny. Frank brings you along as he covers stories big and small in and around New York City. From the in-studio ‘Imus Corn Flake Story’, to the tale of the full-grown tiger living in a NYC high-rise. It's a hilarious romp!

“One of the best jobs ever was working at WNBC Radio. Frank’s remembrances of our work at WNBC remind me of how much fun radio is, especially when you work with guys like him. But I don’t remember the nude show. I think I was out that day.”

Alan Colmes / Fox News

“My finest years in broadcasting were spent sitting next to Frank on the anchor desk at News 12 New Jersey. Frank & his shenanigans made the squawk of the alarm clock at 2:30 a.m. that much more bearable.”

Mizar Turdiu / News 12 New Jersey

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Frank Cipolla is a former radio and TV news broadcaster who was seen and heard in and around NYC and nationally for almost 40-years. Frank began his on-air career at several small radio stations in New Jersey. In the mid 1980’s Frank was hired as the news anchor on the ‘Soupy Sales Radio Show’ on WNBC-AM in NYC.


There he also worked with ‘Imus in the Morning’ and Howard Stern often filling in on the ‘Imus in the Morning’ Show.


Later he worked as a reporter for the NBC Radio Network before moving into local TV news - first as host of ‘Staten Island Live’ and then as the co-host of the popular ‘Morning Show’ on News 12 New Jersey.


In 2001 he moved over to WWOR-TV Channel 9 in NYC where he worked as a reporter and anchor. Frank most recently was heard on the Wall Street Journal Radio Network. He also worked for a short time as an investigative reporter at Fox 4 in Fort Myers, Florida.


Frank currently owns guest placement and media coaching company Contacts Media and is the author of ‘It Shocked Even Us: And More Stories Covering Local News.' The book is a look at all the funny behind the scenes stories from his four decades in radio and TV news. Buy the book here.

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